Village Burn Pit

Your cooperation is required in keeping the Village Burn Pit open.  Because of the continued illegal dumping of garbage, the Village is in jeopardy of losing our burn permit.  Please contact any village board member to report any illegal dumping.  Violators will be fined.

Residents who take down a tree or have a tree that falls should locate a contractor or friendly neighbor to remove it.   Leaves and weeds should be placed in paper lawn bags or containers for easy handling and pick up.  These will dumped at the designated compost area at the burn pit.   Be sure the paper lawn bags or containers are not too heavy to lift.

Brush Policy -

Brush will be picked up at curbside every Monday morning Spring through Fall.  The brush must be cut to a manageable length of five feet or less.  If not, the brush will be left and the landowner will be notified of the problem.  One week after notice, if the problem is not corrected and the brush is still at curbside, a penalty of $25 per week will be charged.

Smaller sticks and branches do not need to be bundled, but need to be identifiable if put into containers or garbage cans.  It needs to be obvious that there is brush to be picked up, not garbage.