Water Department Notice


Montfort Water Department is requesting your help.   They are looking for homes built around 1983 – 1984.  They also need to know of any homes with lead water service lines.  If your home qualifies for one or both please call the number below.


Thank you in advance for you help.



Montfort Water Department

Todd Griffiths and Rob Aide


New Voting Equipment


 Per the County, the Village of Montfort had to update our voting equipment.  Our old machines were marked for an end date by 2023 and parts would no longer be available.  The machine that the Village went with is updatable where the prior ones were not.  I have attached a description of the new machine. You may also view a short video about the machine at this link:  https://ccelections.com/products/election-equipment/ice.  Below please see instructions for voting on the new machines.   


  • Read ballot carefully before making selection.  If you make a mistake you will need to get a new ballot from the Chief Inspector.
  • Only use paper mate pen in booth for marking.
  • Make clear mark in oval for your selection.
  • Once ballot is marked, proceed to machine to insert your ballot.

 If you need to register to vote, change your address or name please visit https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/MyVoterInfo to register online.  You may also stop at the Clerk’s office to fill out a paper registration form.

 If anyone has any questions you may call the Village Clerk at 608-943-6917.