Montfort Ballfield Use




Due to Summer Rec being cancelled this year, the Village has come up with the following to schedule field time.


·      To schedule practice or game times email the Village Clerk to be added to the shared google calendar at [email protected]. 


·      Each coach will input practice times and games on this calendar.


·      The Village will drag the field for scheduled games. 


·      Coaches will need to sign out a key from the Village Office for the equipment.


·      Coaches will be responsible for lining the field and setting bases.


·      Coaches must make sure that all equipment is returned to the shed and locked at the end of each practice or game. 


·      If the lights are used, they must be shut off before leaving.




If you have any questions you may call the Village Office at 608-943-6917 or Todd at 608-778-9799.